happy christmas and a merry new year

Well, what a year it is has been! Literally been so busy, I haven’t had time to blog everything I wanted. I think I’m still getting use to the idea of having a blog again… amongst other things! 2010 brought our cute little boy Christopher, 51 beautiful weddings (1 more to go!), and our poor pup Tobs had two operations on his leg… so 2-10 has been pretty much a year of all work and not too much play. I’ve found myself working more hours a week than I thought was possible and saying (a lot), “there’s not enough hours in a day!” I think I now know how big families feel, and appreciate more than ever how amazing they are. It has been a awesome year for families, for us, and for our awesome couples. About one third (or so) of our couples already have kids, before tying the knot. Which seems to happening more and more these days and it’s great.

We to traveled to some beautiful places this year… Brampton Island, Fraser Island, Orpheus Island and more weddings on the Sunny Coast than I can remember right now! Love that place. Absolute beauty. This past 4/5 months has been crazy. So many couples, families and stories to share. So… it’s going to have to be January. It will have to be a whole month (or so) of review of 2010. Besides, if you have time to review 2010, at Christmas time in 2010… you’re clearly not busy enough! :D

All and all, it has been a fantastic and amazing year. Becoming parents was not only the highlight, but since having Christopher, our perspective on life changed in an instant. To all our couples of 2010 (and 2009), a massive thank you for empathy, patience and letting me tell your story.

And to finish with a bang… a snippet from Teale & Brendon’s wedding last weekend (yep, that’s Teale & Brendon in the pool).

Merry Christmas and happy days :)

  • Stewart - Thanks man! 35mm/f1.4 ;)

  • Samuel - Killer shot, it’s on a Tilt/Shift I assume?

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