morning thursday ;)

Captured this morning while making a coffee.  Once printed on beautiful paper, will last more than his lifetime.  I thinking the other day… I wish he could stay this age forever.  He’s a funny little man.  His world is discovery.  So I suppose now… he can.

  • Polka Dot Bride - Oh you have a beautiful bubba, what heart warming photos!

  • PA - You are such an amazing photographer! Your photos bring tears to my eyes, even from the other side of the world. Chris has grown so much. I love looking at all these special moments you capture Stew. Keep them coming xx

  • Denise - Oh Gosh, so gorgeous, looks like his mum :) i cant believe how big he is. Just beautiful Stew.

  • Stew - I know! He’s a little unit isn’t he… 10.5kg’s, 6 months old :D

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