the wedding of beck & rob

Wedding number one for 2010 and you’ll probably recognise their faces from the current header image!  January 29 to be exact.  Beck found me on facebook and decisively decided, I was the man for the job.  We clicked straight away (partly cos I thought we had met before at a wedding!).  On the day, Beck was a little nervous about the whether… the clouds were getting dark and I was still optimistically saying, “It’s going to great!”, as the rain got heavier and the power went out during getting ready… she was very cool about it all.  It ended up being a great day.  These two really proved the importance of family and made me feel apart of it all.  Their wedding was at Brett’s Wharf and we managed to stop into the infamous Palma Rosa for a few quick snaps.  Oh and that really cute little boy, that’s their son Noah.

  • Catherine - Love your work Stew, brilliant shooting! ALL of your weddings on here. Love em

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