When I was growing up, my greatest passion was motion films. Thanks to my mum. Her love for films, drove her to own and run a video store when we were young. I spent most of my adolescence filming everything with a Super 8 and making dodgy horror films with my brother (also an artist).

In my early 20′s, I decided to try something different, I picked up my father’s 35mm SLR camera and had an epiphany. To start telling a story with still film, instead of motion film. Little frozen moments in time. After 12 months of experimenting and exploring, I got into a well known art college at Seven Hills.

10 years, a handful of awards, a few cars, 2 studios, over 300 weddings, 1 (crazy) border collie, 1 (beautiful) wife and 2 (cute) kids later… I’m still in love with the art of photography. I believe this is a must when you’re photographing people in love. I bring a sense of timing, a sense of anticipation, and above all, a sense of humour to every day.

Life is an adventure. I want to hear yours …

{We’re not wordsmith’s, so here are a few snaps of our life. The first 5 by Jodi McDonald.}

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