Due to a friend’s 30th birthday coming up this week, I started reflecting back to the last friend’s 30th birthday celebrations, in Spring last year. Both of these friends are photographers. But today, I thought I’d share Jeremy’s surprise 30th lunch his beautiful girlfriend organised behind his back. :)

A bit over 10 years ago, I studied photography the old fashioned way, and my first friend in this industry was Jeremy. He was a fresh face kid straight out of high school, a bit of boy genius who chose to follow his dreams, instead of what his elders would prefer. His creative unique eye in this odd group of “mature” aged students, started reminding us of the kid from Almost Famous (the movie). He looked about 14, but had a way with words (in this case, images) well beyond his years.

Today we’re still good friends, and he is still one the best photographers I know. Even though he doesn’t even have a website. :)

Anyway, one perfect Sunday afternoon went something like this…

{Most of these images were taken by me, but there was a lot of photographers & drinks there, sooo the camera was passed around.}

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