The long awaited post!  I’ve been itching to post Fee & Benny’s wedding for ages… it’s just been so so so so busy!  Seriously more cool weddings to soon too.

We did a little teaser for these guys a while back.  Byron Bay wedding (although Fee & Benny they live up in the gulf), the most chilled out couple, giant bridal party, who are just hilarious.  So many outgoing personalities in one party… oh and they love to party.  I love it when we gel so well with couples, they become friends.  I still have to thank Chantal & Anne Campbell for introducing me to these guys.  Their ceremony was on Cape Byron, right next to the lighthouse, with their reception followed at the Byron Bay Brewery.  Nice :)

  • fee - OMG! OMG OMG!!! Thank yoooooo

    We totally get how amazing and popular you are so no worries bout the tiny wait… wow!

    Seriously, we took a look last night, and i was just about to email you to tell you they are brilliant & beautiful & amazing!!! Then i saw your email about the blog, went to it and you’ve totally spun me out, as all the ones you have in the blog are favourites!!

I’ve got so many photos to show you (post) at the moment it’s not funny.  So so many… busy editing and designing… quite literally the busiest month ever. To date :)

This is a shot from a recent engagement shoot… Tamara & Jan.  I totally can’t wait for their wedding in Byron Bay in November this year now.

  • Nicole - Stew, I seriously think you are the best photographer I know! I remember Kat and I used to always say that you were a ‘true’ photographer – you are constantly shooting, not just for work but in your life, it’s like an extension of your hand. To be able to document life like you do is such a gift and you were born to do it! I seriously think you could be shooting celebrity weddings in Hollywood, that is how good I think you are!! :)

  • Stew - Thanks Trin! :)

  • Trin - Aw, proud daddy! Congratulations guys :) Love the blog too!

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